About us

Glitter and Stitches grew out of a love of learning and crafting.  It is run by Holli, a teacher of more than 20 years who says that crafting is cheaper than therapy; her husband wholeheartedly disagrees.  

Holli is a proud member of both Academy Education Association and the IBEW Local 111, where she is a signatory contractor.  She is also proud of the fact that she can do a headstand on a paddleboard.

We are a pet friendly establishment and do have a few freeloading "employees" that sometimes help/get in the way in the shop. 


The website doesn't show all of the things that can be done in the Glitter and Stitches shop, so if there is something specific you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact us.  If Holli doesn't know how to do it, she will probably figure it out; after all, it is her form of self-care!